Birds and Leaves

the park was full today
together in the treetops
tangled in shadows
birds and leaves were
jumping from the branches
floating all the while
drawing lines
in the humid air.
the gravity
of new forms
of life.

How to me a modern sculptor in seven steps.

1. Disconnect from the modern world
2. Grab clay out of the bag with hands and begin
3. Form clay in a questionable way that makes life more bearable
4. Suggest a provocative title, such as “Men Like Trees”
5. Share via your social networking sites
6. Organize a show
7. Repeat as necessary

Math and the Muse

Math is measurable, but the muse is immeasurable.
The sculptor Polykleitos created one of the first systems to visually “measure” beauty.
It was based on units of measurement and counter balancing structures. He invented
the idea of contrapposto around 2,000 years ago… The Aesthetics of the Golden Ratio
were known then too. But, is beauty measurable?

There are many ways to measure beauty, usually all there colored in geometric progressions,
“in the math”, but the muse is subtle and temperamental. Too much order (and too much disorder)
upset her. The math is there, but the muse will have us disguise it so we can
continue thinking, feeling and willing.


We are always suspended in time. Making unnecessary things is necessary, it comes from a dream brain and it is
instinctive, coming from within and from time. Are there things out of time?

The evolution on beings like us who can dream and think beyond
the basic needs of survival began sometime between five hundred thousand and
a million years ago. In the ooze and muck of time, someone sculpted the “Woman
of Willendorf”… 26,000 years ago. It’s a fertile symbol of wonder.

She is a small (5 inches) and powerful representation of humanity’s place in the cosmos.
I sometimes wonder who made that thing, this
little Venus. What was going on? No doubt, it was more
than just trying to make ends meet. 

Creative habits

I was at an arts review group earlier this year and a good question came up about assessing creativity.
Should creativity be assessed based on the finished work, or during the process of creating the work?
Is creativity a noun or a verb?… journey or destination…

Here is what I say. Action is important. Creative habits need tending to.