Founded by Michael Sean Kirby in 2008, The Sculpture Workshop began over a glass of wine. What started with a conversation about art and sculpture in the community turned into a series of successful sculpture classes. The first studio was in the Heights of Houston at John Bernhard’s photography studio. Our get-togethers grew, and as word spread, the clay and dust became impractical in a studio well-equipped with photography equipment. With many good memories left behind, we looked ahead.

With old friends and new students, The Sculpture Workshop reopened in an architectural firm’s warehouse, owned by architect, Camilo Parra. We continued to grow, and with less worries regarding mess-making, our weekly rituals continued to unfold. We were able to hire a studio assistant, Christine Gwosdz, who willfully aided in every burden. Many things were learned about the practices and processes of sculpting during that time. It was three years until (ominous soundtrack) Walmart and its followers took over the area.

With the muse on our side, The Sculpture Workshop got a new lease on life at Liza Littlefield’s beautiful piece of land located at the “Itchy Acres” arts compound. It was here that we ventured into digital sculpting and continued to evolve.

Now, we have a new home, and like fine wine, we are getting better with age. As always, we are dedicated to expanding the sculptural experience and promoting the understanding and appreciation of the art sculpture. Thank you for sharing your stories with us!