Sculpture is part of the Human Story.

Are you interested in the art of sculpture? The Sculpture Workshop is a Houston-based sculpture studio open to artists of various levels, expertise and experience. We work with the business community, too! We value your story and welcome you to the art of sculpture.

For individuals, we offer the best of classical sculpture and innovative digital sculpting workshops. Our classes connect people to the language and expressive possibilities of sculpture in ways that foster personal expansion and community. We are a family of teachers, artists, and students, and we are better off together.

To businesses, what is your story? We would love to collaborate with you to achieve your business goals. The Sculpture Workshop provides professional services to facilitate your business endeavors, including establishing your company’s 3D identity, trade show displays, theater props and 3D signage.

Tell your story in 3D.

Our mission is to synthesize traditional and digital sculpting, and the best path to achieving this is to work together so that we may mutually experience this art evolution.

Call us today to continue moving your magnum opus forward.